Young Theatre Makers


The Odyssey, Babayaga, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, Tales of The Merman…


Young Theatre Makers is a weekly club that trains young people as an ensemble of up to twenty five. Each term focuses on developing a skill set or a performance for the Factory Theatre. 


We often adapt a well known tale, and update it for a modern audience, letting the young people take the lead. We have created zombies in Russian fairy tales, climate change dystopias and gender neutral ballerinas. It is all a bit more fun that way. 


I have worked with the organisation for over two years. I currently design and deliver weekly workshops for the 7-10 cohort.


Skills I have taught include; teambuilding, movement, puppetry, storytelling, improvisation, devising and script work. 

Get Involved producer: Bryony Roberts

Photography: Chelsea Cliff