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In development. Meaning we’re not sure exactly what this is yet.

We know it’s about being watched. It’s about knowing you’re being watched. It’s about liking being watched. It’s about resenting liking being watched. It’s about basing your self-worth on being watched.

We know It’s about the parts of yourself you sacrifice by caring more about being watched than being yourself.

We know it plays with a stream of consciousness narrative and projection mapping to delve into the difference between being watched and being seen. 

We'll let you know the rest soon. 

Stunner has been developed as a short scratch performance at Tobacco Factory Theatres, Shoebox Theatre and has used rehearsal space at the University of Gloucester donated by Bristol Old Vic Ferment and Strike A Light. 

Creators: Palomar Theatre, Rachel Eames, Annie Philbin & Gabi Spiro.

Photography: David Griffiths, Rachel Eames

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