What people say 👀

"Eleanor is one of the most empathetic people I’ve ever met, and worked with. She puts herself in her reader’s shoes and designs content that’s well structured, clear and concise.

I’ve seen her do everything from UX copy, microcopy and blog content to creative ads, landing pages and thinking about how we can efficiently scale whole processes and systems. She balances big picture thinking with delightful details perfectly and would be an asset to any business or team.

She’ll always get to the core of the problem, ask the right questions, and bring whoever’s needed along on the journey with her. I’ll miss working with her!"

- Emily Barrett, Senior Writer, Monzo

"Eleanor knows how to create content that's sensitive, incredibly well-written, concise and highly impactful in driving brand awareness and audience engagement.


From SEO content around difficult topics, to content optimised for social that's bold and punchy, Eleanor approaches content in a smart and well thought-out way.

She is a big creative thinker, and I would highly recommend working with her if you have ambitious ideas for your brand. She is enthusiastic and a very motivating person to have on your team - I absolutely loved working with Eleanor and I really hope our paths cross again."

- Roxy Alexander, Senior Content Marketer, Farewill