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★★★★★ The List
 "thought provoking and moving production"
★★★★  The Wee Review
"a brilliant story filled with conflict, heart and passion..."

Eve escapes her mind with work, drink and sex. No one sees past her carefully curated image of a woman in control. Gabe is her newest addiction. After another night of watching him flirt, this time with their waitress, Eve confronts the darkness in him. Memories of a childhood long ignored resurface when she realises that his pain lives in her too.

Darlings uses tender puppetry, striking stage images and a brutally vulnerable script to explore a manipulative relationship and its connection to childhood experience.

Created by Palomar Theatre in partnership with Creative Youth Network Darlings was developed across the South West before premiering to multiple four star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe

Fe​stival 2018. 

Creative Team:

Writer/ Director: Eleanor Hope-Jones

Assistant Director: Casey Lloyd 

Producer: Gabi Spiro

Dramaturgy: Rachel Eames

Lighting Design: Saskia Jane

Sound Design: Oscar Liddiard 

Cast: Kate Rowsell, Toby Robertshaw, Annie Philbin

With thanks to: Jordan Linton, Craig Snelling, Eddie Cunningham, Valerie Jones.​

★★★★  The Skinny

"Intelligent and relatable... Poignant and emotional"

★★★★  Create Hub

"Clever writing in an era of  #MeToo... a delight to unravel"

★★★★ Milk Magazine


"experiencing art can sometimes be a little like falling in

love… by the end of Darlings I knew - I'd fallen again." -David May

"raw and reflective, funny in the right moments and engaging from start to finish." -  One More Open Heart

Photography: Duncan Everson, Amanda Penlington

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Jonathan Noakes

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