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“Do away with it entirely. If you cannot find ways to stop using gender as a weapon, or as a box... a dark room...”


A celebration of how far we’ve come, and a battle cry to keep going further. ICON-eak explores how iconic figures affect individual relationships with gender.


A site specific piece of performance art made using verbatim interviews. Accompanied with projection mapping to illuminate the discussion. 


The brief was to create an artistic piece based on a historical story linked to the Old Crown Courts. We wanted to explore the courts historical links with gender and cross-dressing. 


ICON-eak was shown to various funding bodies, including the Arts Council. This performance was part of a bid for further funding, to redevelop the courts for the Creative Youth Network. 


I delivered the commission on time, on budget and used projection mapping to intrinsically link the performance to the space.

Creative Team:

Makers: Eleanor Hope-Jones and Rachel Eames

Producer: Rose Braisher

With thanks to everyone who gave their voice


Photographer: Jamie Corbin

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